VS10G Trochotron Print
Written by Hans Summers   
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 01:59

I have three of these, serial numbers 600, 1800 and 3044, all packed in original cartons.



VS10G datasheet: http://www.mif.pg.gda.pl/homepages/frank/sheets/022/v/VS10G.pdf

Nice article: http://www.ase-museoedelpro.org/Museo_Edelpro/Catalogo/Overview/The%20Trochotron.pdf

Book chapters: http://www.die-wuestens.de/rd/TROCH.pdf

Circuit diagram from VS10G datasheet 100kc/s counter module from FR-114U frequency counter Possible test rig for VS10G?
VS10G 100khz test rig