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Sunday, 02 January 2011 11:57

CLICK HERE for the TTL and CMOS logic listings!

This page contains links to datasheets for all the IC's used in my projects, click the part number to read the datasheet. Some of these I scanned myself, others are located on others' pages or the manufacturer's website. If there are any broken links tell me. To read these datasheets you need to install Adobe Acrobat if you haven't already done so. The scanned datasheets are sometimes easiest to read if you select "Actual Size" in Adobe Acrobat's "View" menu.

A number of these parts are obsolete, and several more will probably become obsolete very soon. I have saved local copies of all of the datasheets linked here, so that they will be preserved if the manufacturers decide to remove the datasheets from their websites. In this case I will replace the URL with a local link. If you find any broken links, let me know.

Many IC's are made by multiple manufacturers, and there have been many rounds of mergers, aquisitions and consolidations in the semiconductor industry. Therefore the manufacturers listed here are not necessarily the ones whose IC's I used, but in all cases chips from a different manufacturer should be interchangeable. In general 74nn chips and 74LSnn chips can also be interchanged, I simply used what was available to me at the time.

Part Description Manufacturer Size Notes

74100 Dual 4-bit Latch Texas Instruments 83K Thanks Walter PE1ABR! [See Note 1]
74284 4-bit binary Multiplier, low byte Texas Instruments 231K
74285 4-bit binary Multiplier, high byte Texas Instruments 231K
4011 Quad 2-input NAND gate Fairchild Semiconductor 105K
4013 Dual D-type Flip-Flop Fairchild Semiconductor 75K
4017 Decoded output Decade counter Fairchild Semiconductor 78K
4020 14-bit binary Ripple Counter Fairchild Semiconductor 83K
4022 Divide-by-8 counter/divider Fairchild Semiconductor 78K
4026 Decade counter with 7-segment output ST Microelectronics 84K
74HC4040 12-bit binary Ripple Counter Fairchild Semiconductor 99K
4040 12-bit binary Ripple Counter Fairchild Semiconductor 83K
74HC4060 14-bit binary Ripple Counter Fairchild Semiconductor 85K
4060 14-bit binary Ripple Counter Fairchild Semiconductor 83K
4068 8-input NAND/AND gate Texas Instruments 182K
4069 Quad Unbuffered inverter Fairchild Semiconductor 79K
4081 Quad 2-input AND gate Fairchild Semiconductor 97K
4511 BCD to 7-Segment Decoder/Driver Fairchild Semiconductor 66K
4518 Dual 4-bit binary counter Texas Instruments 248K
4538 Dual monostable multivibrator Fairchild Semiconductor 138K
4464 64K x 4 Dynamic RAM Samsung 475K [Note 2]
6264 8K x 8 Static RAM Hitachi Semiconductor 83K
44256 256K x 4 Dynamic RAM OKI Semiconductor 244K
62256 32K x 8 Static RAM Hitachi Semiconductor 143K
431000 128K x 8 Static RAM NEC 194K
28C64 8K x 8 CMOS EEPROM Microchip Technology Inc 660K
74C917 6-Digit Hex Display Controller National Semiconductor 475K Scan of my paper copy
PCM54 16-bit Digital to Analog converter Burr-Brown 64K
UM70C171 Colour Pallette with 3 x 6-bit Video DAC United Microelectronics 1,330K Scan of my paper copy
Z80 Z80 8-bit microprocessor Zilog 1,512K Scan [Note 3]
Z8400 Z80 8-bit microprocessor equivalent SGS (now ST Microelectronics) 2,407K Z8400 = Z80 equivalent
MK3880 Z80 8-bit microprocessor equivalent Mostek 2,980K 92-page manual!
555 Timer National Semiconductor 401K
741 Operational Amplifier National Semiconductor 177K
7660 Switched capacitor voltage converter National Semiconductor 135K
7805 +5V Voltage Regulator (LM340T-5.0) National Semiconductor 515K
7812 +12V Voltage Regulator (LM340T-12) National Semiconductor 515K
7912 -12V Voltage Regulator (LM320L...) National Semiconductor 151K
CA3140 Operational Amplifier Intersil Corp 1.01M
CA3240 Dual Operational Amplifier Intersil Corp 399K
L4960 2.5A Power Switching Regulator ST Microelectronics 190K
LF398 Sample and Hold Circuit National Semiconductor 520K
LM317 Variable Voltage Regulator National Semiconductor 646K
LM324 Quad Operational Amplifier National Semiconductor 466K
LM759 Power Operational Amplifier National Semiconductor 207K
MM5387 Alarm Clock National Semiconductor 511K More: Pinout and notes
MAX7219 8-digit LED Display Drivers MAXIM 187K
MAX7221 8-digit LED Display Drivers MAXIM 187K

[Note 1] The 74100 is a dual 4-bit latch, and I used four in my frequency counter project. This device has long been obsolete and was never made in a 74LS100 version. It is so obsolete I couldn't find its datasheet anywhere on the web. It was packaged in a 24-pin DIL and several pins were unused. Suitable replacements would be the 74LS373 or 74LS273. The reason I used the 74100 was that most of my projects were made out of scrap, and usually designed around whatever parts I could find: in this case I just happened to find four 74100's. On 20-Dec-03 I received an email from Walter Geeraert PE1ABR in which he attached the 74100 datasheet, many thanks Walter!

[Note 2] Thanks to Jos Leandro for telling me about the 4464 (64K x 4-bit dynamic RAM) datasheet he hosts on his excellent web page

[Note 3] This Z80 datasheet was scanned from my old paper copy. This is an original Zilog datasheet, not one of the licensed Z80 equivalents such as the Z8400 by ST Microelectronics. As far as I know this is the ONLY online Zilog Z80 datasheet. The Z8400 datasheet does give more detailed information on various aspects of the Z80.


Hitachi Semiconductor
Fairchild Seminconductor
Texas Instruments
Micropchip Technology Inc
Intersil Corp
National Seminconductor
ST Microelectronics
United Microelectronics (UMC)
OKI Semiconductor

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