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Written by Hans Summers   
Sunday, 05 April 2009 15:14

The G0UPL workbench is built entirely from materials from UK DIY store Homebase. The workbench area is 8 x 3 feet, with two shelves 8 feet x 9 inches, constructed from 15mm thickness melamine (white coated MDF). A total of 216 screws were used in the construction. The following photographs show stages of construction. Click for larger versions.

Image details:

1:  Raw materials: 8-foot melamine planks, 6-foot spruce planks, six steel table legs, two steel tubes (clothes rails), assorted screws and fittings.

2: Simple tools: Hacksaw, Poundland screwdrivers, Poundland tape measure, PSU, Miniature drill

3: Worktop construction: First step in the construction: to screw three 8 x 1 foot Melamine planks together using 30-inch spruce planks. The six steel table legs are screwed to the spruce planks.

4: Table leg: Close-up showing one of the Homebase table legs screwed to the worktop.

5:  Workbench top: Now it starts to look like a real table, after carefully turning over.

6:  Shelves: The shelves are constructed from 8 foot x 9 inch Melamine, supported using 25cm steel tubes cut from clothes rail and fixed to the shelves using clothes rail end fittings.

7:  Corner support: The shelves are made strong and rigid by screwing on further pieces of melamine to the ends.

8: Electrical sockets: Another view of the shelves, and an opportune moment to mention the 16 mains sockets (Poundland 4-way extensions).

9: Wiring: The electrical sockets are switched in banks of 4-4-8 using a triple switch mounted in the centre of the bench, wired on the underside to connection boxes.

10: More support: Further support to the melamine planks using 15-inch spruce planks screwed under the worktop. Those are my knees bottom right as I'm on my back to take the photo.

11: Finished! Workbench moved into its final position, with equipment and components loaded onto the shelves.

 12: Equipment: Closer view of workbench: test equipment, tools and components on the left; radio station on the right (RX, TX, ATU, PSU).

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