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Written by Hans Summers   
Tuesday, 17 November 2015 07:05

Online pages relating to Weaver

10m experimental Weaver receiver - my first 3rd method (Weaver) project
No-tune zero-IF microwave SSB/CW transceivers, by Matjaz S53MV - tons of info, and practical projects
An 80m Weaver SSB test receiver and full 80m transceiver build
Weaver third method SSB visually explained by PA3ECT
Philips App note 1981 includes some info on Weaver method

PDF articles on Weaver projects

Many thanks to Udo DJ5VJ for providing many of these articles. Thanks also to John G0UCP for translating the 1984 CQ-DL DK7JD article.

Publication Issue Author Size Article
QST Sep 1957 Howard Wright W1PNB 1.18M The third method of SSB
US Patent Mar 1960 Donald Weaver 364K Single Sideband Modulator
Von G√ľnter Peltz 1.7M SSB nach der "dritten Methode" (GERMAN)
RadCom TT Nov 1975 Chris Bartram G4GDU 206K CMOS third-method SSB generator
73 Feb 1977 James Wilson Jr WB0JXY 1.55M SSB: The Third Method
CQ-DL Dec 1984 Burkhard Kainka DK7JD 1006K 80m SSB Transceiver nach der dritten methode (GERMAN)
CQ-DL Dec 1984 Burkhard Kainka DK7JD 657K English translation of above CQ-DL DK7JD article (G0UCP)
HR Jul 1985 Norm Bernstein N1COX 1.07M 2-meter transmitter uses Weaver modulation
EW & WW Apr 1993 Nic Hamilton G4TXG 5.36M SSB: third method, fourth explanation
EW & WW Sep 1994 Frank Dorey 731K Direct Conversion SSB receiver
RadCom Jun-Oct 1996 Peter Rhodes G3XJP 5.06M Third-Method SSB HF Transceiver


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